viernes, 10 de mayo de 2013

'The Perks of Being a Wallflower'

""Well, I don't have a car, and even if I did, I can't drive because I'm fifteen, and anyway, I haven't met a girl I like except for Sam, but I am too young for her, and she would always have to drive, which I don't think is fair."
Bill smiled and continued asking me questions. Slowly, he got to "problems at home." And I told him about the boy who makes mix tapes hitting my sister because my sister only told me not to tell mom or dad about it, so I figured I could tell Bill. He got this very serious look on his face after I told him, and he said something to me I don't think I will forget this semester or ever.
"Charlie, we accept the love we think we deserve.""

Este libro es emocionalmente incorrecto, es un Holden de la vida, pero llevo veinticuatro pensando en esta obra. Más por la peli que por el libro, pero es lo que hay. Quizá sea más necesario escribirlo que leerlo. O al revés, depende de la época.

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