sábado, 14 de septiembre de 2013

"Yellow Birds", Kevin Powers.

Esto no es un resumen ni un análisis crítico. No esperéis eso. Es una simple selección de citas del libro con brevísimos comentarios que ahora vienen.

"I couldn't have articulated then, but I'd been trained to think war was the great unifier, that it brought people closer together than any other activity on earth. Bullshit. War is the great maker of solipsists: how are you going to save my life today? Dying would be one way. If you die, it becomes more likely that I will not. You're nothing, that's the secret: a uniform in a sea of numbers, a number in a sea of dust. And we somehow thought those numbers were a sign of our own insignificance. We thought that if we remained ordinary, we would not die. We confused correlation with cause and saw a special significance in the portraits of the dead, arranged neatly next to the number corresponding to their place on the growing list of casualties we read in the newspapers, as indications of an ordered war. We had a sense, something we only felt in the brief flash of synapse to synapse, that these names had been on the list long before the dead had come to Iraq."

Esto es de Yellow Birds, libro que leí en verano. Por algunas frases, algún párrafo y la idea general que transmite me gusta. No se lo recomiendo a la gente. La literatura bélica no es para todo el mundo.

"At some point along the way I stopped believing in significance. Order became an accident of observation. I've come to accept that parts of life are constant, that just because something happens on two different days doesn't make it a goddamn miracle. All I really know for sure is that no matter how long I live, and no matter how I spend that time, those scales aren't ever coming level. Murph's always going to be eighteen, and he's always going to be dead. And I'll be living with a promise that I couldn't keep."

Por cosas así es por lo que pienso que la muerte de alguien le pertenece a los vivos, no a los que acaban de morir.

"A passive wish, one I didn't push. Sure, there is a fine line between not wanting to wake up and actually wanting to kill yourself, and while I discovered you can walk that line for a long while without even noticing, anybody who is around you surely will, and then of course all kinds of unanswerable questions will not be far behind."

Y más citas y más y más y más, así hasta que me sacie. Este libro es bueno, pero no es para nada necesario.

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