lunes, 20 de septiembre de 2010

When is it time to leave? When is it time to arrive?
Is there any time to leave or arrive? Or even to get used to thinking of belonging somewhere? There are some times when you get some habits: of being with friends, of being with someone you love. Or maybe that's just a misunderstood feeling or idea it's been coming and going in and out of your head.
I don't want to know what is over, what is done. I just want to celebrate and live my life, but I need to think about the future meanwhile, and later realise what you really deserve, the things you deserve, and the other "stuff" that just has to happen. I want to deserve all of those (good) things and get over the rest of obstacles. Yes, I need more, I want more, and I'm never going to stop until I get it.

(The hills are alive with the sound of music)

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