domingo, 22 de enero de 2012

They will be gone

The fact is that we're in times of trouble. My dreams I have when I'm awake have abandoned me in the dark. They're lost, and I can't find them. They're my children, and I miss them. I admit having been arrogant due to their existence... but now... here I am, offering free hugs. Not because people need them (they actually do), but because it is me who do need them.

And at night... the moment I think those daylight nightmares leave me alone, and that I'll get some sleep, in solitude (,) I find more dreams (not nightmares) lying ahead of me. It is problems, worryings that I do have when awake, but I can somehow avoid. Fortunately, this will definitely not be one of those calamities that remain for some time, nor will it seem eternal. It will last days, maybe weeks, but it will leave. It will leave, as teardrops in the rain.

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