lunes, 7 de noviembre de 2011

Heavenly Hurt!

Today, I need to let my arrogance out. I need to let it out of me, let it speak through and for me for a while. I don't usually let it walk freely, as I would let my dog walk freely. I have done it, however, more often than I used to do it in the past. It may not be arrogance, but selfconfidence, that I know myself. You might misunderstand me, I might have a new 'enemy' for this short piece of writing. I don't care. In my life, I will talk about many things, but I will write about even more things. I am going to create so many new stories... They will be short enough so they will not be taken into account, they will be so dense that they will make you sick. Remember me when I publish something, when you hear I am great at what I do, because I will have worked hard enough to get it. However, it might happen in a moment I am not prolific, as it could be said right now.
As I study dead poets as tortured as I am, mentally speaking, new poets/writers to come, all better than I am, are going to get motivated. Because they will see I am not as good as my writings will be. It's just that I am conscious of my changing, how my feelings and ideas go to and fro, and I'm (sometimes) able to tell them, somehow. You may not see every thread of these spiderwebs I write.
Here I leave my message in this bottle. You all are my ocean, the way my message go through, and see if it gets somewhere.

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